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FANCL's Evolution

FANCL began developing tiny 5 mL vials to preserve the utmost quality without using additives. With in-depth research, improved technology and production facilities, the small vials became a 10mL bottle in 1995. And with the introduction of a hermetically sealed ring cap, it expanded to become to a 30mL bottle in 2002. Thanks to the phenomenal success of the study, new formula achieved 30 days supply per one bottle, high safety, high antibiotic and high beauty effect.

In 2012, we arrived at a new design by renowned designer Tokujin Yoshioka who also was famously chosen in “The 100 Most Creative People in Business 2010” of the US economy magazine, “Fast Company”.

Latest research has shown that FANCL’s preservative-free skincare can remove stress (“de-stress”) on the skin from ultraviolet rays, other irritants and boost the skin’s natural strength. This has reinforced our commitment to be effective in providing more healthy , more beautiful skin, and our research continues to evolve.

Three Unchanging Values

For over 35 years, FANCL has been a pioneer in the field of preservative-free, safe, reliable cosmetics. From the start, we have adhered to three unchanging values to maintain the quality and freshness of our products.

1. Small Bottles
FANCL cosmetics are entirely free of preservatives. Small containers ensure our products STAY FRESH.

2. Hermetically Sealed Containers
Our distinctive container design which requires removing a ring and twisting the cap with an inner cutter to break a seal ensures optimal quality of the product before use.

3. Freshness-dated boxes
Free of preservatives and fragrances, FANCL cosmetics are perishable. Each product has an optimal period of use. We call this the “Freshness Period” and enclose a “Freshness Period” sticker with each product for you to note the date you open your product.