OUR BRAND Philosophy


FANCL skincare is formulated with high efficacy and safety standards in a full range of products to address growing health skin needs, even sensitive skin.

FANCL is always:

100% preservative free
for all skin types – even sensitive skin
guaranteed fresh from first to last drop
made only with pure ingredients for radiant results
brought to you from Japan


Problems with Preservatives

Preservatives Reduces skin barrier function
Parabens weaken the turnover of the epidermis, increase moisture loss and cause skin stress.

Preservatives stimulate melanin production

Preservatives and other additives accelerate the skin’s aging.

Preservatives and other additives accumulate with daily application every time they penetrate the skin, causing various problems including aging of the skin. These additives also inhibit the effects of valuable essences applied to the skin and damage the beautiful skin.

FANCL products are free of harmful additives that cause skin damage, including:

- Parabens
- Benzoic Acid
- Phenoxethenol
- Hinokitiol
- Fragrances
- Artificial Colors
- Petroleum surfacants
- Ultra absorbing agents


Parabens are especially effective in preventing growth of gram-negative bacteria and are commonly used as preservatives in personal care items. Parabens rarely cause allergic reactions and are not only the most commonly used preservatives in cosmetics but also can be found in pharmaceuticals and foods.

Unfortunately, skin cells continually exposed to parabens gradually deteriorate and accelerate skin aging.

FANCL has based their sucess on eliminating the need for preservatives, by processing our materials in sterile clean-rooms. Our products come with a freshness guarantee, which is why our products have a freshness date.