1. Nothing Harmful
FANCL eliminates any ingredients that can cause skin issues, and strictly source only raw materials that are verified to be safe, functional, and without any harmful additives.
Our products are free of preservatives, fragrances, artificial colors, petroleum surfacants, and ulta-absorbing agents.
2. Sensitivity Safe
Products are completely free from harmful ingredients which irritate your skin and designed even for sensitive skin. We only use ingredients which are strictly compliant for use with sensitive skin.
3. 100% Preservative-Free
Why eliminate preservatives? Preservatives cause a lot of stress to our skin. By leaving them out, it allows high-quality ingredients to be absorbed directly into the skin, resulting in much better efficacy.
4. Pharmaceutical-Quality
Making 100% preservative-free products is no easy feat! We use pharmaceutical-level technology and processes to eliminate bacteria in the manufacturing process. FANCL is one of the few skin care brands in the world to achieve this by using sterile environments, hermetically sealed containers, and small amounts of product to be used up quickly.